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ABPGroup Unveils a New Look - A Vision of Progress and Global Impact

Jul 31, 2023


We are thrilled to unveil our brand new logo, representing a significant step forward in our mission to safeguard your digital world. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to protecting your data and privacy, with innovation and security at the heart of our every endeavor.




The essence of our new ABPGroup logo lies in its two components - the logotype and the symbol - each intricately designed to represent our values and aspirations.

For the logotype:

We have carefully selected the Open Sans as the main font. This font exudes professionalism and modernity, and symbolizes our firm foundation and commitment to our core principles.

For the symbol:

It represents an “all-seeing eye’, a sentinel that watches out and monitors cyber threats. The symbol's coloured layers hold deeper significance. They vividly represent the company’s diverse portfolio of offerings internationally.


Our new logo symbolizes the following key elements:

Strength and Protection: Our logo incorporates symbols that epitomize all-rounded security and protection, reflecting our unwavering commitment to fortifying your digital assets against emerging threats.

Modern and Vibrant: The contemporary design and dynamic colors capture the essence of our forward-thinking approach. We embrace cutting-edge technologies and strategies to stay ahead in this ever-changing industry.

Global Security: The logo symbolizes our global outreach, highlighting our mission to provide cybersecurity solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide.


At ABPGroup,  we firmly believe that cybersecurity is not a mere option, but an essential aspect of our interconnected world. With the ever-increasing tide of cyber threats, our rebranding showcases our preparedness to face new challenges head-on and continue serving as a trusted partner in securing your digital presence.


Though our logo undergoes a transformation, our core values remain unwavering in delivering top-notch cybersecurity services to protect what matters most to you. Your trust and support have been integral to our journey, and we sincerely thank you for being a part of it.


Together, let's forge ahead into a more secure tomorrow, where your digital experiences are safe, and you can explore the digital landscape with confidence.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership.