About ABPGroup

ABPGroup is an Asia’s leading Cybersecurity technology provider focusing on delivering the best-of-breed security solutions for today’s cybersecurity challenges. Founded in 2014 with its headquarter in Singapore, ABPGroup endeavors to pioneer the market through development, distribution and integration of reliable and avant-garde technologies. Customers trust us in delivering cutting edge solutions for elimination and mitigation of cybersecurity risks, while achieving high return-on-investment for their core businesses.

Embracing Involvement & Equality

At ABPGroup, we are dedicated for growth and innovation. We are committed to promote creativity, public information and knowledge sharing, built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect for individuals’ area of expertise within the group. Being an advocate of advanced ethics and cultural empowerment, we aim to deliver the best solutions and services to our clients and partners who also share this same philosophy.

We pride ourselves as the forthcoming leader in the Cyber Defense world by proactively getting ahead of attackers through pre-emptive solutions and abetting our customers in avoiding incident escalations and counteract business losses in time of being compromised.

ABPGroup has offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Trusted By Iconic Brands & Institutions

Our clientele includes organizations from the following sectors:

  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Financial institution
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunication

All Matters About Protection

Vision | A safe and secure digital world

Mission | To help the community thrive by providing a safe digital platform

Our Pioneering Leaders

A safe & secure digital world

Do it Right

We do things the right way


We are honest, open, ethical and fair


We are passionate for what we do


We are accountable for what we do

Customer Centric

We focus on Client-value creation


We are always here for you


We work hard and play hard


ABPGROUP has offices in the Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China.