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Sunnic is a technology company that delivers comprehensive digital data protection solutions for Regional Banks and Government Agencies.

Sunnic has two flagship security solutions - Total Data Protection which secures companies’ data during data transmission, data processing and data storage as well as Secure Payment that provides strict point to point encryption as well as credit card encryption technology.

Sunnic has served a range of reputable and iconic institutions in the region.

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Tindo is a system integrator that provides IT security solutions focused on data security, IT compliance and governance.

Delivering quality IT services in the most efficient way, Tindo is a trusted partner for a breadth of industries in Singapore providing comprehensive support and solutions customised to each organisation’s unique needs.

Tindo’s product and service range include API security gateway, application performance monitoring, digital risk management, privileged user and access management and user behaviour analytics.

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Securite is a leading cybersecurity and network performance Value-Added Distributor (VAD).

Securite provides three main suites of services that span across professional services, maintenance and support services as well as cloud admin services.

The professional services include consultancy and installation helping businesses execute their requirements flawlessly. The maintenance and support services cover Breakfix and Telephone Support across a vast range of technology portfolios with 24/7 provisioning. The cloud admin services help companies harness the power of cloud computing, allowing corporations to offload their cloud deployment, operations and administration in an effective and efficient manner.

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